Topics for Bachelor´s and Master´s Theses and Intership Projects

The Institute for Signal Processing regularly offers a number of topics for bachelor or master theses and also for internship projects in the following areas:

  • Deep Neural Networks for Magnetic Particle Imaging
  • Real-time speaker recognition in dialogs
  • Language dependent emotion recognition
  • Compressed sensing based medical imaging
  • Signal and image analysis (classification and event detection)
  • Audio signal processing and acoustic measurement techniques
  • Blind source separation for audio and biosignals
  • Biosignal processing
  • Fast algorithms for dynamic magnetic particle imaging (MPI)
  • Multiresolution imaging
  • Superresolution for imaging applications
  • Hand-movement estimation from multichannel EMG data
  • Trajectory optimization for mobile sensors
  • Simulation of fast dynamic magnetic resonance imaging sequences

If you are interested in more information, please have a look at our research pages and feel free to contact us.