Winter Term 2020/2021

Signal Processing

For students of Biomedical Engineering

Lecture; Certificate Type A; ECTS: 3; English, Mandatory for Students of Biomedical Engineering.

The lecture will be uploaded as a video in Moodle (= online-asynchronous)

First Lecture: 20.10.20
Please join our BME online meeting on Oct 20, at 10.15 a.m. in order to receive more information about the lecture.
Come into Prof. Mertin´s room:


The oral examination will last for 25-30 minutes and will cover the whole range of topics. No literature, script or utilities are permitted.

Admission to the exam will be granted after satisfactory completion of the assignment.

Lab Class

Exercise will be held by Philipp Koch, M.Sc.
Rating type B; Mandatory for Students of Biomedical Engineering

Rating Type B will be issued for a complete assignment, consisting of related exercises and a report on a given data set. Excercise results are to be handed in in print to the supervisor. On fullfilling the complete assignment, admission to the DSP I exam is granted.


  • Introduction, elementary signals, LTI systems, Dirac pulse
  • Integration/differentiation, simple circuits, causal systems
  • Fourier Transform (FT) and its properties
  • FT of elementary signals, windowed cosine function
  • Energy signals, autocorrelation, cross-correlation, ACF @ LT
  • Time and frequency discrete sampling, discrete-time signals
  • LSI-systems, discrete-time FT, ACF, CCF, sampling, decimation, down- and upsampling
  • FIR and IIR Filters, Wavelets
  • FFT, zero-padding etc...


  • Lüke H, Signalübertragung. 6. ed. Springer, Berlin, (1995), in German
  • Oppenheim AV, Schafer RW, Discrete-time signal processing Prentice Hall Signal Processing Series, Englewood Cliffs (1989)
  • Brown BH, Smallwood RH, Barber DC, Lawford PV, and Hose DR, Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering. Series in Medical Physics, ed. C.G. Orton, J.A. Spaan, and J. G.Webster. Institute of Physics Publishing, London (2001)